Harvard Law student's legal acumen fails to impress Boston police

Another day, another couple of reports of the self-entitled not acknowledging the authoritah of local constables:

Boston Police report that they had to chase a car onto the Albany Street ramp to I-93 yesterday afternoon when the driver refused to stop for officers who said they observed several violations:

... There, the operator stopped in the middle of the ramp and immediately became hostile upon being asked for license and registration telling officers "You have no ... right to pull us over, regular police can't stop us on the highway, I know my rights, I'm in Harvard law School!" ...

Say no more! Police then graciously extended Roger DePina of North Dartmouth the opportunity to further his legal education with some first-hand experience. His passenger, Michael DePina of Dorchester, was also arrested when he got out of the car and swung at officers trying to get the fool him out of traffic.

Meanwhile, down in Dot, police tried to break up a knot of guys talkin' shit to passersby in Codman Square. Two of the dudes crossed the street and kept at it. When the police tried to get them to move, they refused, yelling:

... "We own the streets. We are not leaving!"

However, they were unable to produce a deed and so police put them under arrest. Perhaps Mr. DePina can give them some legal advice - after he consults with Carpundit, a former state trooper and current lawyer, who can explain Massachusetts police jurisdiction to him.

Out of towner learns Boston police can so tell him what to do; local learns cops not impressed he's a Democrat.




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