Bandit sneaks into T station but gets hung up on escalator

The MBTA's released this video of a raccoon attempting to get down to the Red Line platform at Downtown Crossing on Jan. 20 by way of the up escalator.

He's a little hard to see, but after the startled guy flees, look at :23, 1:05 and 1:28 for the best views.

T spokesman Joe Pesaturo reports animal control took the masked intruder away before Transit Police could issue a citation for fare evasion.



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Persistence should pay off

Somebody give that hard workin' adorable fluffy bastid a cookie.
Ok ok, then release him far away in a nice lil forest.

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I like how he spooked the T employee. Hahaha

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Rodents of NIMH

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Just yesterday I saw a tiny little mouse get on the escalator at Back Bay and ride it up to the top level.

I decided to take the stairs.

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