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Athens of America? Not if the Herald had their way

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I don't have a dog in this fight. But if arts funding is such a waste, you'd think the Herald could muster up at least one person to complain about it on the record -- instead of just quoting some anonymous source.

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... putting "Deval" and "looking for budget cuts" in the same headline was hilarious enough.

As. If.

Less than a week in office, the guy is already backing out of his promise to cut property taxes, something he started to recharacterize as "take a look at" property taxes later in his campaign as it became more apparent that he was going to win.
October 19th:

Moderator: Mr. Patrick, you have promised voters that as governor, you will cut property taxes, but independent fiscal experts say that your plan is totally unrealistic, that local aid you are promising back to cities and towns will go to restore cuts in services that were made a while back. So aren't you really making a false promise to the citizens of Massachusetts?
PATRICK: No, I'm not making a false promise.
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