Board felt enough was enough - declined to give troubled downtown club its liquor license back

The Boston Licensing Board today rejected a request from the owners of the troubled Felt nightclub to restore its liquor license so they can sell it to the proposed operator of a supper club in the Washington Street location.

The owners can appeal to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission which, however, has itself suspended the club's license for failing to notify it of an ownership change nearly two years ago.

Not a single person spoke in favor of letting Felt regain its license at a hearing yesterday. Instead, everybody from the mayor's office to Suffolk University to residents as far away as Bay Village said the club didn't deserve its license back after years of stabbings, assaults, robberies and noise problems at or in front of Felt.

Felt's lawyer swore that if the owners got the license back they would promptly sign it over to the proposed new restaurant, which would also let the building's owners collect rent for the first time since before Felt shut.


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