Mike's vs Modern

The winna!

Suzie compares the two North End bakeries:

... Mike's Pastry generally leaves me much to be desired and I always prefer Modern. I wish someone would explain to me the appeal of Mike's; is it the long lines? and obnoxious service maybe? Mike has to be the most generic American name out there; you'd think they could at least try to make the place sound semi-Italian. Well, I guess it's better than Bob's; Bob's Pastry would be bad. ...


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you could read that?

light pink type on white background -- no thanks. (tried it in both Safari and Firefox)

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Highlighting trick

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Highlight the text and voila: Legible. In this case, though, I admit it: I read the item in my RSS aggregator, which lets me set the font size and color for everything (in my case, boring old black on white).

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not for me

Highlighting the text results in even-more-unreadable pink against light-blue background.

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