They hate us, they really, really hate us

Apparently, the entire nation west of the Berkshires is in a terrible quandry: They don't know whom to root for in the AFC champisionship game because they can't decide which city and team they hate less: Boston or Indianapolis. For example:

...For me it's quite simple, I prefer the evil I know to the one I don't. After years of watching the Patriots have their way with the rest of the NFL I've grown numb. There's really nothing more they can do to hurt me any further, it's not like their fans can become bigger douchebags (unless Andrew Dice Clay Matsuzaka gives the Sox another title).

That's why this weekend I'll be rooting for the lovable likable tolerable less-loathsome Patriots. Think about it, the only reason any of us can stand the presence of Peyton Manning in the NFL is because we love to watch him fail, the more gruesome the better. ...

Via Soxaholix, which feeds on the hate:

... Yeah, as I've said befoah, Our doctahss kick ass. Our universities kick ass. Our football team kicks ass. Our fried clams kick ass. Our gay Members of Congress kick ass. So on and so forth. ...

What the Pats face (via Kiss Me Suzy):


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The Yankees really are like the Empire in Star Wars - They're evil and menacing and you always expect them to win.

The Patriots? Everybody keeps expecting them to lose (in your FACE, Oakland and Pittsburgh and San Diego, in your FACE), they're pretty much the ultimate in team players and while, yeah, the coach pushes photographers out of his way, really, wouldn't you do the same thing?

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yeah, the coach pushes

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yeah, the coach pushes photographers out of his way, really, wouldn't you do the same thing?

I suppose if I'd known it was a guy from the Globe, yeah.

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Peyton Manning is a little

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Peyton Manning is a little bitch. He implored Indy fans to buy up all the tickets and not sell them to Pats fans so it wouldn't feel "like a Pats home game" in Peyton's Place. I hope the Pats wipe the floor with Peyton's Puss Face again, some more.

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