T time

So much going on on our humble public-transit system these days. Here's a round-up of the latest:

File this under: Can't let the terrorists know how many stars are on our flag: When JS pulls out a Polaroid (Yes, a Polaroid) to take a photo of an American flag under glass at the Airport stop on the Blue Line, a T employee immediately orders her to cease and desist:

"I can't take a picture of that flag?" I asked him, hoping he would recognize the absurdity of the situation — our flag is a widely publicized icon, is in no way sensitive information, and was on a wall that thousands of people walk past every day.

"Not since 9/11 you can't," he said. "Security."

Tape forces us to consider the possibility that the T asks prospective bus drivers if they enjoy kicking puppies - and only hires the ones who answer yes. Also, the fareboxes on buses these days suck.

Even with the fare increases, the T is still spending too much money (then again, it is a complex system).

Maybe that explains why that explains why the T is devoting so much energy to catching fare evaders (the ones the new Charlie gates were supposed to stop, remember?), although they might wind up spending more than they make (here's another argument against the crackdown). Also, where does some know-it-all like Michael Widmer get off trying to balance the T's budget on the backs of T retirees?



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