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The true urban lifestyle consists of living in the Natick Mall?

Sharon Gartenberg wishes that Nouvelle at Natick, a.k.a. the luxury condos above the new wing of the Natick Mall, would stop calling itself "urban living in the more pastoral settings of Boston's MetroWest suburbs:"

... This is not urban living in the traditional American sense - where one of the key attractions is fabulous shared public space, integrated into the larger community. The appeal of living on Beacon Hill or Back Bay in Boston or in Manhattan includes not only stores and restaurants, but also cultural attractions like symphony, opera, ballet and museums, as well as the architecture, parks and public streetscapes. It's being able to walk out the door and experience all the excitement that a city has to offer.

"Nouvelle," however, offers only the most materialistic of these components — stores and restaurants — in what could be considered "public" space, the privately owned enclosed mall where non-residents are allowed to enter. ...

After you read her complete rant, drive over to Framingham/Natick Retail, an interesting site chronicling the history and ongoing development of the Golden Triangle - the retail area bounded by Rtes. 9 and 30 and Speen Street on the Natick/Framingham line.

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