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Hey, somebody tell the Healey campaign it's over and they need to turn out the lights

You wouldn't know the election was more than two months ago, based on the Google text ads that keep popping up on sites that mention Kerry Healey or Mitt Romney. Take, for example, the 2008 page on Patrick Ruffini's site, which had this at the top a few minutes ago:

Earth to Kerry: Come in, Kerry!

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well, it is kind of like when i'm driving down the highway and i still see Dennis Kucinich stickers on the backs of cars... or Kerry Edwards stickers. Or any number of any other stickers from election times gone past, no matter who the running party is.

this could be something they have to submit to clear out of ads and whatnot, and no one thought to do it yet. i think it is a riot. good catch.

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Right, except it's a bumper sticker that costs someone-- presumeably whatever exists of the campaign organization-- couple of cents everytime someone looks at it...

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That's like free money....I click every time I see one on Universal Hub...you can thank me later Adam...

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