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Who's a poet, but don't even know it?

I quickly ignore John Daley's attempt to get local bloggers not to use rhyme to discuss city councilor John Tobin's proposal to appoint a city poet laureate.

Besides, we don't even need to conduct a search. We got yer Boston poet laureate right here.


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The Jones Hill Association in Dorchester appointed a Poet Laureate about five years ago, with a small stipend. Glad to see that the city is catching on. I will ask though, shouldn't we have a city historian before we have a poet laureate? Not that I know anyone who would be right for the job or anything like that.

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Amy at Pasquinade shows off her slammin' chops with examples of both haikus and clerhew (yeah, I went "wha?" as well):

Dunkin Donuts love
America runs on you,
bitter roasted beans.

Mayor Menino
got elected by kissing bambino.
He reacted with gall to the fug City Hall
and for a new one he started to brawl.

Top THAT, Carl Stevens!

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Seems Scott Allen Miller wants the post as well:

I once walked
To Chinatown and back
I got robbed twice
And offered four vials of crack

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I was a loudmouth radio talk show host
With a tenuous grasp on the truth
Now I'm going to be out of a job
Or hosting in Duluth

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