Customer disservice at the T

Long, long lines waiting for customer service. Wasn't fixing that at the Registry one of Dan Grabauskas's crowning achievements? Any chance he'll ever get around to replicating that on the T?

Also, Mr. G., as long as we have your attention, Lewis Forman has some issues, both in general and with the Blue Line in particular.


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North Station ticket office is run by a private company called Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad, not by the MBTA. For whatever reason MBCR unilaterally decided in December that it was not going to sell MBTA passes. But as I am sure you and your wife know, MBCR ticket offices at North Station (and South Station & Back Bay) are selling all passes now. So it was a one time bad decision by MBCR that caused your wife a one time wait in a line, a line that was exacerbated by MBCRs poor (and since corrected) decision.

Second, why does your wifes company send her archaic paper Commuter Checks that must be exchanged a ticket window before they can be used? Hundreds of other companies simply order and send the actual passes to employees directly. Her employer is the one that forces her to wait in line rather than get it by mail or from a vending machine at her convenience like thousands of other people do. Talk about "complete insanity", "destroy(ing) people's workdays", "cutting into workforce productivity" and "bad management"!


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Not true.

Actually, you're almost completely wrong, Frank.

Firstly, MBCR *did not* sell my wife the Express Bus pass at North Station. They told her that the MBTA *was not letting them sell the pass.* Again, they told her she had to go to Downtown Crossing to get the pass. Now, this time the line was "better" at Downtown Crossing: 30 minutes at 9am. Still insane. Meanwhile the line was growing longer and longer behind her.

"One time bad decision"? Nope. "By MBCR"? Nope. "As I'm sure you and your wife know"? I wish we did know that. "One time bad experience"? Now it's twice.

I don't know about Commuter Checks, or why one would use them, but why would the MBTA change its sales policy without telling the people who use them?

Oh, and this is brilliant: My wife asks the person behind the window at Downtown Crossing when the passes will be sold again at North Station, and it goes like this: "Not yet." "Do you know when?" "NOT YET." "I understand, but do you have a date?" "NOT YET." etc.

Garbage, Frank. Absolute garbage. Who are you to be shilling for the T, anyway? You work for them?

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Is this So

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Is this So anybody who doesn't engage in typical frothing at the mouth hyperbole against must be a clandestine MBTA employee posting on their behalf?? Perhaps its you who is the T insider since you seem to know so much about their internal business rationale.

I dont work for them, but to blame them for a wait that is caused exclusively by your wifes ridiculous Commuter Check policy is absurd. I used to get the stupid things and instead of making a special trip downtown each month, I opted out and got a CharlieCard with my pass on it last month and it was electronically updated this month. No lines for me, sucker.

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