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NBC News predicts future mooninite attack on Boston

Cruising YouTube for the latest Boston-related videos this afternoon, I found one video of Harry Potter going to Boston, where no one knows his name, and roughly 76,000 videos of people ranting about what chuckleheads we all are (I think this guy is the best). For some reason, somebody posted a clip of NBC's Brian Williams introducing a report on BOSTON TERROR SCARE that featured the following backdrop:


My first thought: Man, what'd they do to the Hancock? Look closely, though, and you can see the unmistakable conical hat of one of the International Place towers on the right. So it's downtown Boston, not Back Bay. But, huh? Downtown doesn't have an 80-story skyscraper. Oh, of course! They used a photo of downtown Boston from an artist's rendering of what the area will look like after the Tommy Tower gets built in Winthrop Square (photo via World Architecture News):


So what does Brian Williams know that we don't? Will the mooninites return in 10 or 15 years, after this tower is built? And will one of their first acts be to eat the TV tower on the left side of the building?

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