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Best Mooninite game EVA.

You don't even have to actually whack any of the mooninites - just sit there and listen to Boston-accented mooninites take over Downtown Crossing, yelling "Bill Buckna!" and "Pahk the Cah!" and "Bucky Effin' Dent!" Should you get ambitious, you can whack 'em with your mouse and watch them disappear in a puff of smoke.

Via John Daley.

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Come on! It's "Southie" or nuttin'!!!!!!

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A true Bostonian (born and raised within the City limits) can always tell a 'new comer' (even if they've been here for 50 years) A newcommer will always call it 'Southie'. I have never met anyone who was born and raised in South Boston call it 'Southie'... its always Sout (no H) Boston.

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