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If we can get $2 million for LiteBrites, what can Portsmouth, NH get for an Altoids tin?

The Manchester Union-Leader reports that police want to question a geocacher who left an Altoids box attached with magnets to an electrical panel outside a Shaw's as a prize for fellow geocachers (you know, those people who try to find things using their handheld GPS units).

... "I'm so embarrassed," Lord said last night. "I've heard of people who actually make their caches look like something more dangerous than they are. Then I look at mine, a little mint box. No wires. No gimmicks. I never intended to cause any trouble."

Portsmouth police Lt. Rodney McQuate said detectives are waiting for a call from Lord before they decide if charges - including misdemeanor disorderly conduct and causing a false public alarm - will be lodged against him. ...

No word, however, on whether Portsmouth will try to negotiate a large financial settlement with him for the tens of dollars in overtime the police have no doubt spent on the case.

Via Flashes of Panic, a geocacher who expresses contempt for the guy.

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Before someone got up in arms about a geocache. I am an avid geocacher (well, the last 6 or so months have been very slow for me, we're not getting out as much) and the use of ammo boxes and camo-covered boxes are part of the game.

I think Flashes of Panic doesn't so much diss the newbie as hate the concept of urban and micro caches done in the fashion this one was done in.

a rule is to always seek permission before a hide, so the guy deserves a smackdown at least. And hopefully a lesson is learned and other new cachers will pay attention.

I personally would like to thank Peter and Steve for now making my hobby something that falls under even closer scrutiny. I had a friend get acosted by an elderly woman in a park in JP when he was looking for a cache. She hit him with her cane and screamed for the police. All he was doing was looking in a nook of a tree for a small box.

I am only going to do caches that walk my ass out a good distance from the parking area. Away from anyone who may be fidgety and jumpy with all the Mooninite invasion post traumatic stress disorders.

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Hello, America? Hi, it's me, Peter. Have you seen my wolf?

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heh. that was awesome.
now to go plant some geocaches with mooninites on the covers!!!!!! mwah ha ha.

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I guess I'll think twice before I ever use one of those hide-a-key devices again. Not that somebody could find the key and use it, no. I'd be concerned that it would be reported as a suspicious device!

Hmmm. I wonder how long before somebody forms a band called "Suspicious Packages"?

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