The seven-hour outage

Steve was offline last night. He finally got through to a Comcast status page to discover an outage that lasted seven hours:

Almost as bad as NStar electric.

The Boston Online Comcast Sucks page - which still gets comments 18 months after it was first posted.

Meanwhile, Peter discovered the problem was not busted Comcast Internets, but broken DNS servers. He got around that by setting up his OS X Macs to act as DNS servers. And provides instructions:

The BIND name server is built into Mac OS X. It's simply a matter of activating it in your system's configuration files, starting the server, and then telling your Mac to use itself as the name server.

Note: This method requires the use of the Terminal application. Be brave - it's not as hard as it looks!

Ed. note: We're a Windows household here, but, well, we also use a broadband provider that doesn't force users to set up DNS servers for seven hours, either (no, it's not Verizon).




No Verizon nor Comcast here, either

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I too can attest to liking as well. As a decidedly all-Mac household, Speakeasy doesn't care that we don't use that other OS. (Not that any company should care, since it does all the open internet connection standards better than anything else out there, plus it isn't a security/spam magnet for their network) But should I be in a pinch, and need to, say set up a domain name server, it's nice to know I have the unix foundation to the internet beneath each of our friendly Macs...

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