Really? 86% of all T riders used a CharlieCard last month?

Update: The T has pulled down the story/press release, but you can read the original here, the rather different slant in the Herald story and your basic dyspeptic BadTransit report on Mac Daniel here.

The T says it in a press release, um, Globe story, so it must be true, right? Charlie on the MBTA begs to differ:

... It can't be true for the simple reason that many January passes were issued on CharlieTicket stock as the retail locations had not been converted. I think anybody who has ridden a bus or the subway in the past month would find these figures out of whack at least for January. ...

On the plus side, Charlie explains why our CharlieCards are much better than Chicago's equivalent.


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Two things

By John K on

Two things I like about the new T: flat fares across the system, from the D Line to the Red Line at JFK, etc; and, that outbound riders now have to pay fares (yes, I know, you hate waiting for them to board; sorry).

Two things I like about the new T: it's not a feasible solution to have guys standing at Green Line stops with machines, getting people on board; how are they going to solve this; and, let's get rid of the two-fare structure; it's confusing and unnecessary. Make the fare $1.75 across the board.

Oh, and I hate that you have to put your coins in one at a time, when boarding.

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Zone 1A Pass Fiasco

By on

Those of us who ride one stops to West Medford, Yawkey, etc. were told to get the Link Pass, which lives on the Charlie Card. The T told all of the pass program seminar participants (people who administer corporate programs) that we should get the link pass.

Fortunately for my coworkers, I noticed something in the "water transport" section and nowhere else in the FAQ that these passes were not good on Commuter Rail or the Water Shuttles (Inner Harbor). We ended up getting Zone 1A passes which are printed on Charlie Ticket stock for the time being, as the conductors don't have the readers yet.

I'd much prefer to tap-n-go, but I need the flexibility to use the commuter rail because bus service out of Sullivan sucks rotten eggs for schedule problems and I sometimes like to head downtown from Charlestown on a lunch break and the F4 boat is the berries for that. Anybody know when the commuter rail will join the 20th century (as one annoyed British colleague put it as the conductor was using a hole punch to create a ticket receipt on board).

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Zone 1A

Same for me. I live in Davis Square and work in the North End, so I like the option of taking a commuter train from Porter Square instead of the Red Line.

Unfortunately this relegates me to a Zone 1A CharlieTicket. When the mercury drops below 20 I really wish I had the CharlieCard instead. (It fits nicely in my gloves, even without a separate pocket.)

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Metro story may be more accurate

This morning's Metro story may be more accurate. It says that 86% of the riders used a CharlieCard or a monthly pass (which could be on either a CharlieCard or a CharlieTicket)

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