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How do I get an RSS feed for specific topics or neighborhoods?

Go to the Custom Feeds page, where you'll find a listing of neighborhoods and topics for which we have feeds.

If you click on any of those feeds, you'll get a URL which you can then use in an RSS aggregator.

You can also combine individual feeds into one big custom feed (say you want to know what's going on in both Roslindale and Jamaica Plain).

Building that sort of feed is a bit hairier:

Scroll your mouse over a neighborhood or topic.

Write down the first number you see for its feed. For example, in


write down "37." Repeat the process for all the feeds you want to combine. When done, combine them into a single URL with plus signs, like this:


Note the /0/feed at the end! Now paste that URL into your RSS aggregator, and voila, a custom RSS feed (in that case, you would get the latest postings for Cambridge, Fenway and Watertown).