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It takes a lot to make him feel sorry for marketers

So the Boston City Council will consider requiring marketers to get city permission before "pushing products." Michael Femia thinks the Council needs some craft projects to keep themselves busy:

... Does this mean all the flyers on all the lampposts in Allston will be regulated? Signs advocating electing a new slate of City Councilors? ...

Does this mean everyone whose commercial airs on television within the city limits falls under the City Council's jurisdiction? And finally - and most importantly - can we preemptively revoke the license that allows Ernie Boch Jr. ads to run in the city? ...

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Not only should the Ernie's license be revoked, he should be liable to pay for the therapy I need after seeing the commercial with him dressed as a waitress in drag serving a leering David Andelman. Did anyone else see this or was it a figment of my pervish imagination?

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... see them concentrating their resources on fixing the streets and making the traffic lights a bit pedestrian friendly. They could also put a bit more funding into stopping cars from running the pedestrian red light at the Cleveland Circle C line T station/stop.

It's good to know that my councilman doesn't waste his time on such stupid anti-american bullshit. Who do they think they are, representatives to the peoples republic of Cambridge? :-)

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