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How to get from Boston to London

It's Google Maps, so it couldn't possibly be a goof:

Hope you've been practicing your breast stroke

The directions from New York to London advise you to drive to Boston, then jump into the water at Long Wharf. Ditto for San Jose, CA.

Via Consumerist.



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...is the length of time it will take me to swim across the Atlantic?

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or six months in a leaky boat?

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The important thing here is that we get
to the part where you ask me how I'm gonna get down to the shore.
- Oh, how you gettin' down to the shore?
- Funny you should ask, I've got a car now..
- Ah wow, how'd ya get a car?
- Oh, my folks drove it up here from the Bahamas.
- You're kidding!
- I must be, the Bahamas are islands. Okay,, the important thing here is
that, uh, you ask me what kinda car it is.
- Uh uh, what kinda car do ya' got?
- I've got a bitchin' Camaro...

"Bitchin' Camaro"--The Dead Milkmen

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Logging on to iTunes now to download it. My poor coworkers.

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"it's this place that lets high school kids drink"

"oh cool"

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I still have that cassette!!! Loved that band in high school :)))

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