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Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red road at dawn, what a mess

Not a bloody mess, but red nonetheless.

Sandouri Dean Bey can't help but thinking of an old Greek Orthodox story on why Greeks dye Easter eggs red, involving Mary Magdalene carrying a basket of eggs, which she said would turn red if Jesus had risen, and, of course, they did.

... Verily I say unto you, if Christ is risen, this road shall turn red.

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Red roads at Easter. Wow. My husband's family do the red egg things at easter - everybody picks a red egg and says "christ has Risen" in Albanian while they take turns trying to crack the eggs by banging them into each others' eggs.

I figured out a way to hold them so that they don't crack and usually "win" the little contest.

Speaking of structural integrity, some of my colleages were speculating that the 20 year old guy who had his SUV disintegrated by a falling truck must have ordered Shwarma at a drive through and spilled a little on the door. Nope, not this one, says the angel of death!

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