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Sometimes, It's Bad to Be Number One

I am only posting this here because I don't want to add any fuel over at my own site (http://www.bigdumptruck.com).

See, apparently, because I take random words and string them together to form semi-coherent thoughts, those random words can also be strung together in other ways. And apparently, something in this weeks entries have shot me to the top of the MSN search engine results if you are looking for...girls with big butts.

I did not write about girls with big butts. I certainly don't have pictures (if that's what they want). But yes, MSN is sending people to me. Maybe I should put a paypal link up and tell people I'll have my big butt send them a personal email - and then I'll just sit on the keyboard. Would five bucks be good to start?



Girls holding really long cigarettes ...

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