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Linden Lab is opening a Boston Office! Come to our hiring party!

If you're smart, creative, energetic and passionate, YOU MIGHT BE A LINDEN!

Linden Lab is scouring the Boston area looking for the very best minds to join us in our quest for World Domination.

Our Boston office currently has multiple openings for wickedly brilliant software development generalists, web developers, project/program managers, product managers, and other roles to work on all facets of our development initiative.

These Research and Development roles at Linden Lab contribute to the organization's success through expertise in real-time computer graphics, networking, and physical simulation. Qualified individuals will have a solid background in the their field as well as have immense passion for their chosen craft.

We are throwing a private party in Boston the evening of Wednesday May 30th and would love to meet you. Check out the multiple roles Linden Lab is hiring for: http://lindenlab.com/employment.

If you're serious about becoming a Linden, submit your resume for a party invitation. Come to the party and meet the Lindens. If we think there is a match, we’ll bring you into the VIP area for champagne service, open bar, food and the opportunity to talk virtual worlds with our top personnel.

You can submit your resume anywhere on the site, but only this link will get you on the party list! http://lindenlab.com/jobs/vip.php


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