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Earthfest reports

Guster performs "G Major" at Earthfest yesterday:

Guster doing Airport Song.

George N. Parks: I've been to several of them now through the years, this was by far the most people I've seen out for one of the free shows:

The amount of people reminded me of the fourth of july as people were still thickly gathered beyond the snack stands behind the main grassy area. ...

e1ectrickoolaid: it's all this massive jumble of colorful dreams. it hardly feels real.

Joshua Luke posts some photos. Innuce1 posts photos, too.

Baratunde: Boston earthfest = cute dog central.

Nick: it was ten buckets of fun.

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My undying love for this band was outweighed by the fact that the last free concert i went to turned into a complete white hot mess and I've sworn off anything like this for the rest of my life. I love guster beyond all reason and imagination, but knew it would be a huge crowd.

Adam -- thank you for gathering up the news and putting up the post. Thank you for the link to Ken's video (already had seen it off of the guster discussion board). Thank you for giving them a little attention...

considering Bianca Delablahblah was talking to the boston phoenix on Friday afternoon's news and when the guy gave the lineup for the show she looked incredulous and said "should I know any of these bands?"

Good on Guster for headlining the show, and for all their REVERB and environmental work. I can think of no better band to have been there yesterday, with the ties to Tufts, the greening efforts they undertake... they are my heroes.

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