How'd the lawyer make the connection to Dr. Flea?

One thing not mentioned in that Globe story last week about the denouement in the Dr. Flea malpractice case was how the plaintiffs' lawyer knew to ask Robert Lindeman if he was, in fact, the Flea who was liveblogging the trial.

Eric Turkewitz, himself a personal-injury lawyer, gets the answer (by calling up the lawyer and asking her). Seems Dr. Flea revealed a bit too much about his knowledge of her and that was enough to track down his blog. But it gets even better - you have to read how she was able to trap Lindeman in a conflict that let her bring up the whole Fleablog thing to begin with.

Turkewitz has more on the case today and how the blog bit really wasn't all that dramatic. Tomorrow, he promises to dissect the Globe story.



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