Go figure: Southern conservatives like their womenfolk to show off their breasts

Margery Eagan writes some "Oh, mercy, I'm coming down with the vapors!" column about would-be Republican First Ladies showing off their decolletage, and suddenly she's the focus of blinding, white hot fury by Southern Republicans who accuse her of being another Goddamn Yankee Liberal (wait, what? How did I miss the memo that we're all opposed to plunging necklines now?).

The Charleston Daily Mail thunders:

The ever-liberal Eagan wants "Cindy McCain to button up."

That this prudish call comes from a liberal does not surprise me. Over the years "progressives" have wanted us to prohibit the sale of alcohol and to ban smoking and to cover up. ...

OK, I suppose the newspaper of record in a town that still refers to the "War of Northern Aggression" would consider somebody like Eagan to the left of Leon Trotsky (and it's not like she called Fred Thompson's wife a stripper) but when did modesty and prudery become Official Liberal Positions? Does this mean we've ceded our oversight of America's moral turpitude (through our hand on the jugular of popular culture) to Sam Brownback? Nobody in the cabal ever tells me anything anymore!

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Different attitudes on women's dress in North vs. South.

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Quite a few years ago, a co-worker's sister came up to Boston to visit. While the sister was on the MBTA, dressed "as a young girl from the south will tend to dress for this weather." and was getting some harassing comments from some young men on the train.

I figured in both the north and the south, some young men are taught manners, some young men somehow miss that lesson. The difference is that young men in the south, if they don't learn manners mostly learn to shut up and enjoy the scenery.

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Manners go both ways...

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Yes, it's wrong for men to go around objectifying women, and yes, women should have the right to dress any way they want.

But the right to dress any way one chooses doesn't mean that others have to like it or find it appropriate for a particular situation. It's your right to have tits hanging out of your clothing, and you shouldn't be objectified and harassed for it, but it's also other people's right to think that it's tacky and unprofessional.

BTW, there are ways of showing skin that give a message of "I have love for the human body" and also ways of showing skin that give a message of "I have no self-respect and am looking on some level to be objectified." There's a difference between being a prude and just wishing a woman valued herself and saw herself as more than a sex object. No one's talking about banning anyone's clothing; I think some of us just prefer that girls be brought up to be strong women who won't be objectified.

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I'm sorry...the South which

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I'm sorry...the South which is overwhelmed with Southern Baptists trying to ban drinking and dancing and race mixing thinks the Nawth wants to ban al-ke-hol?

Send her a copy of the Phoenix (including adult section) to let her know what the Liberals up here think.

***Arkansas born and raised, by the way***

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