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Optimistic homeowner thinks Verizon will transfer wires to new pole

Joel Abrams reports:

Verizon has recently put a new telephone pole in front of our driveway, almost a year after their repairman noted that the pole was listing horribly and needed to be replaced. Now it's a question of when they'll actually transfer all the wires. I say one year - Robin says at least two.

As a Roslindale resident, I can safely say: HAH! Verizon and Nstar almost never take down poles or completely finish moving wires. At least here in Rozzie, they just lash the old poles to the new ones right next to them. Sometimes, they'll saw off the tops or bottoms of the old poles, leaving these odd stumps dangling up in the air. The neighborhood is just littered with these ugly things:

Double poles

Double poles: Stumpy

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