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Saying good-bye to Liquarry Jefferson

Dremari writes that he knew the little boy shot to death last night, allegedly by his 7-year-old cousin:

It hurts my heart to hear that because I witnessed how good of a kid Laquarrie was. My little sister attended school with him and played with him after school. I was playing basketball with him one day. He did not have a good shot because of his size so i lifted him up so he could shoot the ball. ...

Crazy James writes:

We have the police, we have SWAT, we had the friggin Angels walking the streets and still Boston is suffering from more and more murders. What will it take to get the sanity back into our fair city? When will the violence end? The pointless death of an 8 year old boy in Dorchester might be the begining. ... Whether it is gang related or not...a family will not be able to see a young child grow into a man. Farewell Laquarrie, may angels guide you home.

The Herald talked to the principal at his school:

... "He was a lovely little boy, a sweet little boy, who would help any of his classmates," said Michele O'Connell, principal of the John P. Holland Elementary School in Dorchester. "He was always smiling. ...


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Carl Stevens of WBZ-1030 interviews a woman lighting candles outside Laquarrie Jefferson's apartment building at 6:30 a.m.:

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