Michael Moore's new documentary film, SiCKO! Well Worth seeing, imo!

Recently, at the Coolidge Theatre, I saw Michael Moore's new documentary film, SiCKO.

What a mindblowing documentary that was! This great documentary, which shows a disbelieving Michael Moore himself inteviewing healthcare givers, patients and their families, and other people from countries such as Britain, Canada, Cuba, France and, of course, the United States, reveals a stark and startling difference between the United States' healthcare system (which is the most fucked-up health care system in the Western world, btw), and the free healthcare that Britain, France and most, if not all of the European countries, and Cuba, too, give to their citizens.

The film SiCKO also showed how some seriously ill or injured people who lived near enough to the Canadian border ended up going to Canada for help and getting the healthcare that they needed, in contrast to some parts of the United States, where necessary tests and other procedures were denied to people--all in order to save money. This movie also showed, however, that there were some healthcare system workers who had a conscience and described, some tearfully, of the denials that they were compelled to mete out to patients, who were either seriously incapacitated or died as a consequence of that action.

Because our healthcare system wanted to save money on such people:i. e. a couple of examples: (A) A woman who turned out to have a brain tumor, but died, because she was denied a test and therefore a procedure that could've/would've saved her life, and, (B) A woman whose husband suffered from kidney failure and was found to have a brother with a perfect match for a kidney donation. The family was let down, because the woman's husband was denied the operation--a kidney transplant that could've/would've saved his life, and her husband died as a result, leaving the woman and two young childlren.

In one instance, a woman who couldn't pay her healthcare bill was dumped at the curbside by the hospital to which she was admitted. Imagine that!!

As much as I love the United States, this is yet another dark side to our country. If our country can spend so money on invading other countries for nothing, then why can't we give free healthcare to all our citizens?

All of the above having been said, the film SiCKO should be seen. It'll scare some people's socks off, but it's well worth it. The fact that even FOX NEWS praised it says something right there, imo. Although it's by no means a perfect film, it's gotten people stirred up....and talking.

Strongly recommended.


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