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Mr. Butch memorial this Sunday, July 22

Starting at 8 p.m. at the ICC Church in Allston. More details.

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I wrote an article about my experiences with Butch for Spare Change News and it will hit the streets this Thursday. There are Spare Change News Vendors in Harvard Square and around the Hub. To order a copy send $2 postage and Handling to Spare Change News 1151 Mass. Ave Cambridge, Mass. 02138

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I am interested in getting your article from your newspaper. If you know of anyone who knew of Mr. Butch. Please let me know.

Butchie was my brother-in-law. My son is his youngest nephew. Although Butchie never got to know my son. I'd like to get all and info. from people who knew him and loved him. That way my son will know a little something about his Uncle Butchie.

If you have photos too please let me know.


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