Celts may acquire Garnett in exchange for Jefferson, Green, Gomes, Telfair, Ratliff and 2 draft choices. We should...

Put Danny Ainge's head on a spike in front of The Garden
13% (8 votes)
All go to Red's grave to see if he rises from it and starts heading to Boston to kick Ainge's ass
13% (8 votes)
What are you talking about? Rejoice! It's a great trade!
37% (22 votes)
Wait and see how it works out
13% (8 votes)
Celtics? You mean Irishmen?
23% (14 votes)
Total votes: 60


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Bring Garnett Here

When I heard Rondo was in the deal this morning, I was against the trade because we would not have a point guard. Now it looks like Rondo is not part of any deal, so lets go for it. In the NBA you need superstars to win and it does not look like the ping pong balls are ever going to cooperate to bring a superstar here via the draft; thus, a trade is our only option even though it stings to lose a good young player like Jefferson Check out my sports, politics, music and Watertown issues blog

Definitely agree. They're

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Definitely agree. They're not giving up that much really besides Jefferson since Green et al aren't that good and the draft picks will probably not be high lottery. Garnett is one of the best 15 players in the game.

Jefferson Is Too Much To Give

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I think Al Jefferson is going to be a superstar and a franchise player in the NBA for a good 12 to 15 years. No doubt, KG is a fantastic player. However, I think they've mortgaged the future for a short term that will NOT include a championship.