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I used mortgage101.com to get referred to some mortgage lenders. They all totally sucked and I ended up going with E-LOAN. I just got some survey from them about my experience, and here's my response:

Your brokers completely suck. I experienced the following brokers:

A complete snob who said I didn't qualify for any sort of mortgage with my $60K income and 730 credit score and who didn't seem to think "licensed mental health counselor" was a real job.

Someone who gave me a preapproval for 300K at 5% after a brief phonecall and no credit check.

Someone who phoned me at work and on my cell between 4 and 8 times a day, at all hours of the day, demanding to know whether I'd decided to go further on that offer.

Someone who can't spell or write a complete sentence who e-mails me about I-don't-know-what since the e-mails are so unintelligible.

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