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By adamg - 11/10/21 - 9:46 pm
Cars parked bumper a bumper in South Boston

Olivia Mauricio reports:

A Southie love story on East 8th (my car is on the left and she’s been lookin for a sugar daddy)

By adamg - 9/15/21 - 9:57 am
Kim Janey van with parking ticket

A roving UHub photographer captured the scene outside the Jamaica Plain Whole Foods this morning.

By adamg - 8/12/21 - 11:12 am
Double parking for street sweeping

A fed-up citizen files a 311 complaint about the situation on H Street, where people get around the whole ticketing/towing thing on street-sweeping day by double parking on one side of the street: Read more.

By adamg - 5/3/21 - 9:20 am
Placard on rear windshield says car owner sucks at parking

A disgusted citizen filed a 311 complaint this morning about somebody who parked in a Waltham Street space that's supposed to be open in the mornings for drop offs at a daycare there. "I did not put the sign on their windshield," the complaint emphasizes.

By adamg - 4/13/21 - 9:17 am

At 8:02 a.m., a disgruntled citizen filed a 311 report about some major cacophony on Copeland Street in Roxbury: Read more.

By adamg - 2/23/21 - 11:06 am

No more Covid-19 excuses for getting your car inspected and your registration renewed: Boston says it will begin ticketing vehicles past their freshness date starting March 1. Read more.

By adamg - 2/18/21 - 8:50 am

The South End is the only neighborhood where you're never supposed to save a space after a snowstorm, but people do. Read more.

By adamg - 2/2/21 - 11:49 am

Update: Turns out the photo the 311 kvetcher posted was from neither East Broadway nor today - it was, in fact, a photo from a 2015 WBUR story and shows I Street.

A disgusted citizen filed a 311 complaint about all the space savers in South Boston today - like this one on East Broadway.

Can we get BTD out to remove all of the space savers out?!? Absolutely ridiculous that there's numerous space savers out for a glorified rain storm

By adamg - 12/19/20 - 9:14 pm
Amazon box marked as "space saver"

Captain's Blog ran across (but not over) this Amazon box in a shoveled space in Allston, thoughtfully marked so you wouldn't think it's just some trash out early.

By adamg - 12/19/20 - 5:11 pm

Boston Police report arresting a man they say waved a gun around during a parking-spot argument on Fermoy Heights Avenue early this morning. Read more.

By adamg - 12/17/20 - 6:03 pm

Mayor Walsh announced the emergency ends tomorrow morning, which means you have 48 hours to save your space, except in the South End, where you weren't supposed to do that to begin with.

By adamg - 12/16/20 - 12:58 pm

Mayor Walsh has declared a Boston snow emergency that goes into effect at 6 p.m., so get those cones, broken wicker chairs and other detritus ready to save your parking space. Read more.

By adamg - 10/8/20 - 9:02 am

The Boston Sun reports Fenway residents are less than happy over the DCR proposal.

By adamg - 8/9/20 - 9:47 pm

No towing, for now, but if you're parked where a street sweeper is supposed to go, watch out for bright orange calling cards from BTD. In case you've forgotten when you should be moving your car, you can look it up.

By adamg - 7/24/20 - 9:29 am

After news broke that Boston will re-start ticketing on street-sweeping days on Aug. 10, some concerned North End and Back Bay residents filed 311 complaints, such as: Read more.

By adamg - 7/22/20 - 11:25 am
Expensive parking price in the Seaport: $14,235 for two hours

Gary, of Gary's Liquors in West Roxbury, ventured out of his leafy bubble last night and drove down to the Seaport to enjoy a meal at Lola 42. Two hours later, he walked over to the Fan Pier Garage, put his ticket into the machine and was informed he owed $14,235 - which he could pay in cash. Read more.

By adamg - 5/2/20 - 3:25 pm
Parking at the Arboretum on Bussey Street

To try to reduce the number of people in the Arnold Arboretum at one time, the city and state put up sawhorses and signs along Bussey Street and the Arborway to ban parking. Several concerned citizens filed 311 complaints today (like this one) that people have simply moved the sawhorses so they can go for a walk.

Ned Friedman seems like a nice guy, don't make him angry.

By adamg - 3/26/20 - 5:36 pm

Mayor Walsh today announced changes in Boston parking enforcement during Covid-19 times: Read more.

By adamg - 3/26/20 - 3:21 pm
Fresh ticket on coronamobile in Charlestown

Good luck appealing that ticket.

Yesterday, Live Boston posted photos of an old Volvo with New York plates in the Charlestown Navy Yard that had allegedly become a coronavirusmobile.

BTD ain't got time for that and today Live Boston shows us what some parking enforcement officer thought of the handwritten coronavirus warnings on the car.

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