Should the Mayor run again

Yes. Why not? He says he's up for the job and things are going pretty good for Boston.
39% (330 votes)
No. I mean, c'mon.
55% (464 votes)
Althea Garrison
6% (48 votes)
Total votes: 842

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His new cane

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is another good indicator (of many others) that he had a stroke.


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Leave Althea alone. She's a good person. Moreover she knows a lot about the issues facing this state and city.

Didn't mean it meanly

Oh, I was just poking a little fun.

In fact, I hope she does run. With her and Will Dorcena in the race, there'd have to be a preliminary if the Mayor does choose to run again, and I'm sure he'd want to avoid that at all costs.


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And Tommy should retire to Floriduh. Sorry to all those whose job might be at stake if he left.

Althea? LOL.....

Did anyone else see Menino on

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Did anyone else see Menino on Antiques Roadshow last night? They obviously had to humor his honor, and to what purpose? Does every mayor appear when they visit a new city? Ever seen it happen anywhere else? Why did it happen here? It wasn't b/c the painting he brought from the Mayoral Lodge or whatever was all that interesting. It was b/c they want to be sure that the mayor in the city where WGBH is located likes them and they know that good things happen if you stroke him and bad things can happen if you don't. And for this we keep voting?

No Term Limits

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Term limits create large periods of being a lame Duck, where lots of politicians have no incentives to worry about what their constituents want. Further, if a politico is so entrenched, and has such a large constituency (Thinking Menino), you still have the problem of their election machine running behind the successor of their choice.

One only needs to point to the Governor of RI, who in his lame duck term gave away 70% of the States economic development fund to his buddy Curtis.