Boston bicycling groups

Melissa Obleada asks:

New cyclist is looking for a group to ride with, bonus if it's a group of women. Any suggestions?



A couple of answers via Twitter

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Riding Groups

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Someone cross-posted on FB. I replied there, but am putting it here as well.
The MIT Cycling Club seems open to having other riders join in. When I first moved here I road with them a few times. The few times I did I ended up on rides consisting mostly of college women even though the rides were supposed to be mixed, so I felt a bit out of place and stopped going. They have a mailing list that sends ride emails out multiple times daily ([email protected]).

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Belles Who Bike

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Bicycle Bella on the Cambridge Somerville line has a monthly meetup called Belles Who Bike.

Also just an awesome woman owned and operated bike shop.

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