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Smoking manhole covers in Brookline?

Does anyone have any idea why the manhole covers on Chestnut Hill Ave between Dean Rd and Rte 9 are smoking? My mother wants to know, thanks.


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Shortage of vape pods. COVID supply chain issues, you know?

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I know we received a letter a few weeks ago (in Dorchester) that there would be smoke tests conducted to detect leaks in the system and we may notice smoke coming out of our sinks if there were leaks in our system.... Or something along those lines, I didn't pay too much attention. Anyways, maybe it's the same issue.

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*wrong thread

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Actually if proper notice isn't physically posted or mailed by to residents and businesses I can understand why seeing something like this is pretty bleeping scary . Do we have an answer yet from any publics works people? Or do we have to resort to the thousands of different reasons Google gives us and still leaves us wondering?

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