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Cambridge-area heat-pump installers

Ari Ofsevit asks:

Good recommendation for a heat pump specialist that serves Cambridge? Looking to replace a gas furnace w/ a heat pump (we have ductwork). We have our Mass Save audit already so they'd have to be Mass Save certified.



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Doing it for the same reasons, but also because our gas furnace is dying.

When Magoo hears someone say “Do you know a good heat pump specialist” Magoo responds “That’s what she said”. Magoo


Check out cambridgecleanheat.org

I found it helpful to look at https://www.mitsubishicomfort.com/find-a-contractor since I knew I wanted a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat to cope with winter temps. I also found that prices were much better from conventional HVAC/heating oil companies that have branched into heat pumps than from new green-energy companies focused solely on heat pumps.
I was very happy with Knight Fuel in Hudson for my heat pumps, though they probably don’t serve far enough east for most readers here.


Recently went through the process in Medford. Dmitriy from EZ Climate was great to work with.

Is this Angie's List now?


Adam's list.

This has long been a community service of UHub.


Mass Save has a Heat Pump Installer Network on their website.

I put in my zip and got about 500 results, there's no way to narrow it down by location or service area. Hence the recommendation req.


And thanks to Adam for providing this forum and public service.

I'd had Evolved Mechanical of Malden recommended but they don't make the long trip to Cambridge, but if you're up in their neck of the woods I hear good things.

(And thanks to Magoo for … your odd presence here.)

The minute I say "Chelsea" I get "sorry we dont service there". jfc its not like I am in Worcester for your Somerville based business to come service.


I recommend Obie Comfort Solutions. They are based in Framingham. I recently had them install a ducted heat pump solution for me which also involved some plumbing work where they tied in my existing boiler to the air handler system for emergency and uber cold days. They did great with coordinating that work and have great customer service, scheduling, and can help you with the Mass save heat loan and/or rebate process if you so need. It's a bit premature for me to rate the quality of the heat pumps themselves, but they were cold climate units, and included multiple zones and configurations. I recommend using a well-established company with a larger presence (such as Obie) for a heat pump solution because these systems are fairly new and you want to make sure that the company you choose is around for a while and able to stand by their work. With heat pumps, design matters.

I had so much trouble getting a solid contractor. I wish I could have gone with evolved too! I was super disappointed in most contractors for honestly not knowing what they were talking about...

They all seem to suck at sizing systems, if you can hold off it may be worth pulling in data yourself before committing.

I ended up using an ecobee for a season and determined my 115k btu system should be replaced by a 2 stage 40k. Still struggled to find a contractor to commit to it...

Never left stage 1 (27kbtu) in the cold snap this year.

This was the year before the heat pump rebates, which was sad. Every contractor looked at me like I had 4 eyes for asking about heat pumps then.

Turns out one of those friends of my son who still call me Mom because they were always welcome in my home is a tech with them, and he got us set up for the Mitsubishi cooling and heating units. They go in next week and not a moment too soon!

They are even integrating the electrical upgrade in the package, and will be helping out with the rebates.

Treat your kids' friends well, folks - some of them grow up to do useful things!

Heat pumps are in a funny space. Because the license required for the install is electrical, but handling a gas furnace is a plumbing job.

Oh and you need HVAC experience and a refrigerants cert from the EPA.

And mass save approval if you hope for any business at all.

Not many people out there that cover that spectrum.