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Volunteering in West Roxbury to help with homelessness, poverty and food insecurity

Matthew Broude asks:

Does anyone know of any West Roxbury volunteer opportunities for organizations working to alleviate homelessness, poverty, or food insecurity? I’ve found a few by searching, but would love recommendations.



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Rose's Bounty, located in the Stratford Street Church, regularly posts a schedule for when volunteers are needed.


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Rose's Bountry always, always needs people for the monthly Friday food pantry and as drivers for the homebound & veterans deliveries.

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There's one in Roslindale, maybe people are working to set one up in West Roxbury.
Located outside of the Roslindale Market since October 2020, the Roslindale community fridge accepts donations of clean produce and more. Please note that raw meats, seafoods, and home-cooked meals cannot be donated to the fridge, although commercial kitchens are welcome to donate pre-made meals.
Email [email protected] with any inquiries, and find donation and volunteering forms https://linktr.ee/roslindalecommunityfridge. Katsiroubas Produce also accepts donations to stock the fridge.

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There is a bag/box giveaway of varied grocery items held Sundays at Trinity Lutheran Church on Centre Street (across from Hebrew Senior Life). It's usually in the early afternoons until the giveaways are depleted.

Fair Foods is also at the Roslindale Community Center every other week with a $2 bag of varied produce (what ever was available that week)

The Community Fridge at the rear of the Roslindale Market at Washington and Firth will get periodically refilled by volunteers bit empty just as fast.

There is a rather large need.

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