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Wedding dress alterations

Nicole asks:

Anyone know someone fantastic with wedding dress alterations in Boston/Cambridge? My dress needs to be made to fit, as expected, but also the construction has issues so may need more extensive re-working. Specializing in plus-size would be even better.



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Chantell617 replies:

Shawmut Place in the South End. They are incredible!!! They’ve done all of my gowns (more than 10 all plus size) and are literally engineers. Go!

All Fit - 138 Newbury Street!

did a butcher job on my ex's very expensive suit (I think it was Chanel) and disavowed responsibility for it, losing my hefty future tailoring and dry cleaning business from that point on.

I don't know if they do gowns, and they are expensive, but Le Couturier House of Alterations inside the Mass Ave location of Keezer's in Cambridge between Harvard and Porter Squares does very high quality work. I take all my trickier tailoring jobs to them.

Kim's Fashion Design is also incredible at wedding dress alterations. She was located on the first floor of Copley Place,

My wife had to have pretty extensive reconstruction on her wedding gown and they were amazing.

Brighton Laundry & Dry Cleaners is located at 430 Washington Street in Brighton. They are amazing!! I had them do my fitting and were very fair on the price compared to other places and did exceptional work. After my wedding I thought I ruined my dress but I brought it to them to clean and preserve it looks like new again. Highly recommend them

In Medford, a bit to the north, but I've never had a bad experience with their work and pretty much everyone I know swears by them.

Bridal alterations by Hranoush in Watertown did a phenomenal job on my wife’s dress. She loved working with her.