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Wicked Good Guide to Boston Restrooms

Boston has many wonderful things going for it. Readily visible public restrooms are not among them. We hide most of our facilities away, taunting you, daring you to see if you've got real bladder control. We've tried to flush out the location of restrooms available to the public at no charge. Do you have a favorite restroom in Boston (or one you particularly despise?). You'll find a Comment link next to every listed restroom. Or let us know about an unlisted facility via the Add a Restroom form.

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The ratings

**** Top of the heap: Restrooms that are so incredibly nice you'd want to visit them even if you didn't have to go.
*** Good: Almost like using the bathroom in somebody's house in, oh, Concord, only you don't feel self-conscious about using the towels.
** Acceptable: Sometimes the stalls don't have toilet paper and the sinks could maybe stand to be wiped down.
* P.U. The kind of place your mother warned you about; you use them only because you're desperate - and you pray that that one open stall, the one where you'll have to prop the door shut with your hand because the latch is missing, has enough toilet paper to wipe down the seat with first.


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What I need is a list of bathrooms available 24 hours a day. I couldn't find one for like a mile around the common one night when I had been out drinking. And it was only midnight!

Any firehouse has 24hr public toilets. Usually on the ground floor near the front desk area.

Surprisingly, the women's bathroom at Alewife T station is decent. I never hesitate to use it. There is lots of toilet paper and the sinks are clean. It smells fine (the last 2 times I was there).

What happened to all the prior comments? The page has been redone, and it looks much nicer than before, but almost all of the comments that used to be here are gone! I know, for example, there were reviews for restroom in Arlington, and at least one other Back Bay location (John Hancock Building), but these aren't showing now. Also, quite a few pages open "but with errors" on the page.

What's up?

I still have the old comments, but wasn't sure they'd still be relevant since many were way, way old. I'll look to importing them.

My apologies for any pages with errors. If you run across them, could you e-mail the URLs and I'll take a look. Thanks!

I think it would be great if you could restore the reviews that are, say, from the past five years. They should fairly represent the current condition of most restrooms!

It's not stated, but presumably these listings are for places where you can walk right in and use, or ask to use, the facilities. In other words, that one doesn't need to be a "customer" to be welcome to use the facilities.

There are a couple of places that require you to ask for a key, but they let anybody use them (for example, the Roslindale public library).

In general, this is a sad comment on the 'lack of public restrooms' in Boston, not the available ones! It is evident just by the ghosting of some parts of the city where presumably there are none! Boston is the most bathroom-, sex- and silently homo-phobic city in the country. You come here thinking it is the cradle of education and such and it is very backwards in many ways. The people here 'act' sophisticated but they are not really. It's still a backwater town in many ways.

The Shaws at Porter Square in Cambridge does not have a horrible bathroom. Whatever they use to clean it does not smell all that wonderful, but it is clean.