200 Berkeley St.


200 Berkeley St.

Enter building.
Immediately turn right and enter normal-sized doorway.
Restrooms on right.
This hallway is also a connection between the office building and Bank of America next door.





Hidden Gem

These rarely used restrooms are located along the Front Wall of John Hancock's Berkeley Building. You can access them through the main entrance and take an immediate right and they are along the front wall to your right. You can also enter the from the rear exit of Bank of America. The will be to your left as you come out of the Bank.

These are always in pretty immaculate condition and are always clean and well stocked. No one seems to know they are there, so they don't get used often, which is no doubt the reason for their great condition. They aren't fancy, but are very clean. The only drawback is that they only have the most basic amount of lighting, but still fairly adequate.