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By adamg - 6/26/19 - 9:03 am

Sue O'Connell, host of NECN's "The Take," reports this morning both that Boston Magazine has declared her the "best TV news host," and that her last show will be this Friday. But she'll be back on air: She reports she's working on a new political show on NECN.

By adamg - 10/24/16 - 12:26 pm
Talk show host with a rabbit

There's probably a good reason why, as Erica Fletcher shows us, NECN's Sue O'Connell brought a rabbit to City Hall to interview people voting early, and just as soon as we find out what it is, we'll let you know (Update: And we do, in the comments below).

By adamg - 3/17/14 - 8:44 am

When they do the weather, they're not actually standing in front of a weather map, but instead a green screen onto which the station projects the maps (they know where to point by looking at a monitor, which gave us the Pete Bouchard Incident). So if they wore green, they'd look like they have parts missing (whatever is covered by the green). Matt Noyes reports:

A few years ago, got a complaint I wasn't wearing green on St. Paddy's Day. So, donned a green cloak & went invisible.

By adamg - 2/12/11 - 11:21 am

The Herald reports Taryn Winter Brill has left NECN's new "conversational" news show after barely a month to return to New York, to be closer to her family following her father's death.

By adamg - 11/22/10 - 4:29 pm

Yes, Bellomaniacs, the Globe's Mike Bello is back on NECN to tel you what his intrepid band of reporters is working on.

Backers bemoan Bello's broadcast banishment; besiege broadcaster: Bring back Bello.

By adamg - 11/12/10 - 11:10 am

Some people really liked seeing Globe Deputy City Editor Mike Bello broadcast the day's upcoming news on NECN. So much so that when he dropped off the airwaves recently, a Belloholic set up a Facebook page demanding NECN put him back on the air.

By Kaz - 6/23/10 - 12:19 pm

Matt Noyes of NECN has been posting updates on what he considers to be the setup for the biggest round of thunderstorms of the year (even bigger than the last two macro-squalls) and potentially the biggest setup that New England could even foreseeably get in general.

By adamg - 11/6/09 - 8:04 am

John Carrol makes the case that's what's happening.

By adamg - 10/18/09 - 12:55 pm

And reports she has yet to get hit by a flying rock, unlike the obviously tougher anchorwoman (toward the end of the segment). Oh, Shelby Scott, where have you gone?

By adamg - 6/18/09 - 11:57 am

The Globe reports Comcast is buying the piece of NECN it didn't already own.

By adamg - 3/17/09 - 8:23 am

Unfortunately, it only works for weather forecasters on TV. Oh, and traffic reporters:

By adamg - 3/2/09 - 1:04 pm

Gribley posted a time-lapse series of the view out his JP window overnight (used under this Creative Commons license).

Steve Garfield measured the snow in JP live on NECN, via his cell phone.

Fotosqrrl captured a guy sweeping dirty off a snowbank on School Street with a broom.

By oddjob60 - 2/4/09 - 2:13 pm

Just saw one of the most substantial exchanges I've ever seen on Twitter:

rdsahl Gov Patrick: WashPost blog floats your name for HHS. Are you in the mix? Would you take if offered. Thanks.

(and, about an hour later...)

MassGovernor @rdsahl As the Governor has said countless times, he is staying put and running for re-election. - Kyle Sullivan, Press Secretary [approx. 2 pm]

I'm struck by this in several ways:

By adamg - 1/22/09 - 3:50 pm

R.D. Sahl (yes, that R.D. Sahl) is all a-Twitter and reports this afternoon:

Yikes! Studio light spits flames. Taping interrupted briefly. All back to normal with a lingering odor. The news never stopped.

By adamg - 1/15/09 - 8:54 am

NECN informs us of this fact:

... In the morning hours around Copley Square, only those who needed to be out and about actually were doing so. Runners who typically start their morning with an wakeup jog chose otherwise. There was very little hustle or bustle. ...

And, yes, of course they interviewed a couple of utility guys glad to be able to warm up by going down a manhole.

Ed. Note: Last night, Boston School Superintendent Carol Johnson robo-called us to remind us to bundle the kidlet up this morning. I wonder how much that call cost.

By adamg - 12/19/08 - 4:45 pm

Andy reports from points west - and tries hard to contain his ire at Boston media:

... Driving through Ashby and Ashburnham today was like driving through a post-hurricane scene, only with snow. The tops of 60% of the trees are simply gone along Route 119. I'm a little disappointed that the Boston Globe dedicated only one headline to this crippling storm, despite the hundreds of thousands who lost power, most for days, the multiple deaths reported, and total devastation that has gone through this area (not to mention some jerks conning those without power by posing as utility employees). Watching the NECN or any of the network stations, you would think nothing is happening in this portion of the world since last Friday. ...

By adamg - 1/2/08 - 12:03 am

NECN.com went live today; the network broke away from boston.com to start its own online news efforts.

Via Boston TV News.

By adamg - 10/13/07 - 7:37 pm

The president of NECN harrumphs that bloggers aren't journalists as if that's a bad thing.

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