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By adamg - 10/25/19 - 2:33 pm

NBC Boston reports the dream of gondolas floating in the air above the Seaport is dead and buried.

By adamg - 3/12/18 - 9:29 am

It's just a parody account for now, but see what life would be like with a gondola that would glide like a cloud over the traffic-choked streets of the Seaport, because obviously spending $100 million on a gondola would be way sexier make far more sense than using the money to figure out how to expand Silver Line service or just give everybody who works in the area a bicycle.

By adamg - 12/4/17 - 5:21 pm

MBTAinfo.com ponders Millennium Partners's proposal to spend $100 million on a gondola along the South Boston waterfront, concludes that if the developer is serious about throwing $100 million at transportation in that overcrowded corner of the city, there are far better ways to spend it - like on dedicated bike lanes or, gasp, figuring out how to make Silver Line buses go faster.

This is the kind of decision which is sometimes called "not even wrong". A wrong decision would be "we thought about what's bad about Seaport transportation, and this is why a gondola would fix it." This not even wrong decision is "We have $100M, and aren't gondolas great!"

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