Inman Square

By - 8/18/12 - 6:50 pm

Live poetry

By - 6/1/12 - 8:26 am

Inman sinkhole

Roving UHub photographer Bob Meier happened upon an expanding sinkhole in Inman Square in Cambridge last night, reports:

It started out as a sinkhole about the size of a manhole cover. I first saw it around 6 pm yesterday when it was being blocked by two Public Works pickup trucks. By 9:30 (when I took the photo) they upgraded to orange cones and caution tape.

By - 5/30/12 - 7:23 am

The Herald reports police followed signals from a GPS device slipped into some money taken in an Inman Square bank robbery to a 91 bus in Somerville - and arrested the guy they said had a pocket stuffed with cash.

By - 8/28/11 - 1:17 pm

Inman Square bus stop

Tom Myers took this photo of the Cambridge Street bus stop in Inman Square, adds:

Worth closing the T.

By - 5/26/11 - 12:10 pm

Erin is now in DC, but still pines for the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square - so much so that when she checked out their specials from afar the other day, she was forced to make her own version of one of them:

I told Alex to pack, we had to get in the car, we had to get to Cambridge before they closed for the evening and the Funky disappeared forever. Sadly, he kind of just laughed at me. So, I had to devise a plan to make my own.

By - 7/12/10 - 7:11 am

Pop.Bop.Shop tries out, enjoys Trina's Starlite Lounge, which swapped out the biker feel of the Abbey Lounge for the era when smoking was cool and posters of pinup girls were, well, pinned up.

... [T]he onion strings and the apple boursin sandwich were sublime. Those two items make a mouth watering meal. ...

By - 11/23/09 - 10:05 pm

Wicked Local Cambridge reports some Woburn guy was arrested on animal-cruelty charges when he was spotted stuffing a pigeon into plastic bags in Inman Square. No word on his plans for the oven-stuffer roasters birds.

By - 8/6/09 - 8:42 am

Hey, what's say we block off part of Inman Square and turn it into a tropical wildlife refuge for a week? Wouldn't that be cool?

By - 6/16/09 - 8:58 am

Richard Auffrey likes what he tastes at Tupelo:

Who would have thought that fried grits could be so tasty?

By - 3/18/09 - 12:17 pm

MenuPages Boston reports on the summer opening of Trina's Starlite Lounge, which will serve "Southern-influenced bar food and cocktails in a 1940s/50s-inspired room."

By - 12/17/08 - 10:22 am

Cambridge Police report the Quick Mart on Cambridge Street was held up shortly before midnight:

[A] tall white male entered the store wearing a purple cloth over his face, went behind the counter while holding a knife, and demanded that the reporting party give him a bag and to open both the lottery and cash registers and hand the cash over. The suspect then fled in the direction of Somerville.

By - 11/26/08 - 2:10 pm

Tonight is the very last night for Somerville's Abbey Lounge. No more "cheap booze and rock 'n roll" in Inman Square.

By - 6/20/08 - 7:10 pm

Kerry Batchelder provide two examples of why it's Inman Square:

... So he shows me this one piece called 'The Golden Frog'. He meant that quite literally. This man had found a dead frog which had its chest ripped open, painted it gold, and stuck in on a painting. ...

By - 1/30/08 - 5:29 pm

Eileen peppers a post with details and photos from dinner last night at the East Coast Grill's annual Hell Night:

... The others suffered through their main courses as well, and naturally, I was all "You look like you're going to barf! Quick, let me take a picture for my blog." I don't look so bad in mine, until you realize that my face is the same color as my fuchsia sweater, and my lips are not normally that, um, plump. Capsaicin...even better than collagen injections! ...

By - 12/17/07 - 3:14 pm

So you're playing one of Santa's elves in a store window during an Inman Square midnight-madness sales event - the night of a godawful snowstorm. You just might really get into it.

By - 4/8/07 - 7:24 pm

Third Decade says the meal at Legal Test Kitchen was so bad (both food and service) it took a good meal at JP's Dogwood Cafe to help get rid of some of the taste.

Titanjockey says Chipotle in Medford is worth the trip for its to-die-for fajita burritos.

Andreas Matern asks: If you haven't been to the All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, what the hell are you waiting for?

By - 12/16/06 - 6:50 pm

Josh Ourisman says the Druid in Inman Square has the best shepherd's pie he's ever had - and free wireless to boot.

By - 12/14/06 - 4:40 pm

Karrie reports what happened when she walked into Stellabella Toys in Inman Square this morning:

As we walked into the store, a rather stern looking, middle-aged woman was raving "It's MERRY CHRISTMAS! DO YOU HEAR ME? MERRY CHRISTMAS!" She caught my eye and barked: "None of this Happy Holidays bullshit!"

Hark the batshit crazy angels sing, lady. I heard you. ...

By - 11/5/06 - 12:27 pm

Marc: Classic India in Quincy still rules!

Seth Gitell compares Punjabi Dhaba Roadside Restaurant in Inman Square and Mantra in downtown Boston. He finds Punjabi Dhaba serves good food at good prices, but writes that Mantra is overpriced and seems more concerned with setting a scene than serving food worth the extra cost.