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Revere Beach

By adamg - 4/15/24 - 3:42 pm
Blue VW Bug against a blue sky

Matt Frank spotted this sky-blue VW Bug against the blue sky at Revere Beach this afternoon.

By adamg - 3/6/24 - 10:00 am
Sunrise along Revere Beach

Matt Frank had some time to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic and Revere Beach this morning.

By adamg - 2/4/24 - 1:18 pm
Two sculptures of racing animals at sunrise at Revere Beach

Matt Frank took in yesterday's Winter Wonderland at Revere Beach, then went back this morning to cool shots of the ice sculptures as the sun rose.

By adamg - 1/29/24 - 3:56 pm

The MBTA reports the Blue Line went into bustitution mode after some wires came down between Revere Beach and Beachmont shortly before 2:45 p.m.

By adamg - 11/27/23 - 9:49 pm
Full beaver moon rising over Nahant

Matt Frank watched the full, but partially cloud-covered, Beaver Moon rising over Nahant Beach, from Revere Beach at sunset today.

By adamg - 9/15/23 - 11:28 am
Sun halo at Revere Beach in advance of Lee

ChelseaScanner captured this sun halo in the advance clouds from Lee on Revere Beach this morning. Compare to sun baby back in the day.

By adamg - 7/28/23 - 11:32 pm
Blue Man Group with a sand gorilla

Matt Frank took in the Revere Sand Castle Festival tonight, which included a performance by Blue Man Group in front of an angry King Kong made of sand.

By adamg - 5/28/23 - 9:17 pm

The evening along Revere Beach ended in chaos. Steve Cooper reports two people were shot, one near Shirley Avenue, the other near BK's Bar and Grill, as Revere and State Police try to clear hundreds of people from along the beach. Boston officers, including those in specialized gun cars and dressed in riot gear responded, with a staging area set up at Suffolk Downs. Acting Mayor Patrick Keefe is on the way.

By adamg - 4/13/23 - 9:29 am

The Blue Line is even more of a mess than usual today, as in, the T is running shuttle buses between Orient Heights and Wonderland and telling people who can to take the ferry, because of some sort of wire ish at Revere Beach.

By adamg - 3/23/23 - 10:01 am
State trooper, dog and boulder

State trooper with Killer and the boulder he was attached to. Photo by State Police.

A judge yesterday sentenced Elias Pacheco-Osario, 29, to two years of probation after he admitted to leaving his pet, Killer, to drown in 2021 rather than bring the dog to a shelter when he could no longer care for it, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By adamg - 3/4/23 - 2:51 pm
Rough surf at Revere Beach

Rob shows us that today was not a good day to sit by the beach eating roast beef.

By adamg - 10/31/22 - 5:39 pm
Dinosaur on Revere Beach

Matt Frank stayed a respectable distance away from this T Rex on Revere Beach late this afternoon - as well as Rex's dog-walking dinospouse: Read more.

By adamg - 10/18/22 - 2:00 pm

Transit Police have released a photo of a guy wanted for lewd and lascivious behavior at the Revere Beach Blue Line stop around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday. Read more.

By adamg - 9/10/22 - 9:38 pm
Blood-red hunter's moon rising over the water

Matt Frank watched a blood-red harvest moon rise over Revere Beach towards the general direction of Nahant tonight.

By adamg - 9/9/22 - 9:16 pm
Sunset over the Charles River

Quentin watched the sun go down from the Mass. Ave. Bridge.

Matt Frank watched the moon come up between the supports of the pedestrian bridge at Revere Beach: Read more.

By adamg - 7/24/22 - 1:55 pm
Sand sculpture at Revere Beach

But sometimes it seems like it does. Mary Ellen took in the sand-sculpture competition at Revere Beach yesterday - early, she says, before she could melt.

Michael Spicher went as well: Read more.

By adamg - 5/21/22 - 9:23 pm

Flying wedges of Boston Police officers and state troopers descended on Carson Beach in South Boston around 8 p.m. to break up a large brawl there. Read more.

By adamg - 5/14/22 - 11:45 pm

WBZ reports. State Police report arresting five teens and that another teen was taken to the hospital with serious injuries from one of the fights.

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