By - 8/12/16 - 2:59 pm
Aquarium selfie guy wanted by police

Transit Police have released photos of a guy they say jumped down on the tracks at Aquarium and then walked down into the tunnel so he could take a tunnel selfie around 8 p.m. Wednesday evening. Read more.

By - 2/25/16 - 8:33 am

Some sort of power problem at Back Bay means the T is urging people headed for downtown points to use the Green Line instead. Meanwhile, The Management reports:

Stuck at Aquarium and i can't even see the penguins. Blue Line delay due to "signal problem" at Orient Heights.

By - 4/17/15 - 5:17 pm

UPDATE, 5:25 p.m. BFD gave the MBTA the OK to resume service.

Boston firefighters are currently investigating what caused smoke in the Maverick Blue Line station shortly before 5 p.m. Trains in both directions are halted - except for one empty train that firefighters are riding from Maverick to Aquarium to look for the source of the smoke, possibly the third rail.

By - 9/29/14 - 7:39 am


Miniature Buddha watched a dudebro get to a cigarette on the opposite platform at Aquarium last night.

By - 5/17/14 - 11:38 pm
Aquarium on the Blue Line

Standing at Aquarium, Matt Lowe shows us what happens when a train dies on the Blue Line, in this case around 8 p.m. outbound.

By - 7/12/12 - 3:47 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports EMTs managed to extricate the child's foot around 2:50 p.m. and provide treatment.

The last time a child got stuck at Aquarium.

By - 10/25/10 - 7:42 pm

Bri addresses himself:

Remember how important Reading Comprehension was on the SATs? It's still important. When an event poster says "Get your pictures taken with New England Aquarium's costumed characters: their new African penguin and a shark", you have no right to be disappointed when you get there and there aren't any real penguins posing for photos.

Costumed characters, nimwit. ... What, did you think that phrase meant it would be a penguin dressed like another bird?

By - 9/16/10 - 9:04 am

Nancy Geshke, whose 8-year-old daughter wound up in Mass. General when one of her feet got caught and crushed in an escalator this past July, yesterday sued Crocs for $11 million, alleging the company keeps selling its plastic shoes despite mounting evidence they are a menace on escalators.

By - 1/29/07 - 9:56 am

Which explains why Refaris was almost arrested for this photo of a train entering the Aquarium stop.

By - 7/2/06 - 9:29 am

BadTransit reports on coming upon the source of loud banging at the Aquarium stop:

... A gleaming aluminum-finished bank of the MBTA's "Automated fare collection" equipment and an MBTA worker - one of the T's "Ambassadors" - who was, in John Bolton style, kicking the living s--- out of the equipment. ...