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Route 29

By adamg - 2/6/24 - 5:44 pm

Mayor Wu announced today that the city's dipping some more into its federal Covid relief funds to continue paying to let riders get on the 23, 28 and 29 buses for free for another two years. Read more.

By adamg - 1/19/24 - 9:21 am

CommonWealth Beacon reports Mayor Wu is looking at ways to continue the free-service pilot on the 23, 28 and 29 bus routes past its current planned end of Feb. 29.

By adamg - 3/7/23 - 1:22 pm

GBH takes a look at ridership figures from the 23, 28 and 29 lines, which are now free under a two-year Boston pilot that started in March - several months after the city first started paying the T for fares on the 28.

By adamg - 2/9/22 - 9:52 am
Peggy James

Mattapan resident Peggy James is thrilled with the free 28.

Mayor Wu today announced a deal with the MBTA to end fares on the 23, 28 and 29 bus lines for two years, starting March 1. Read more.

By adamg - 12/1/21 - 4:13 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports the City Council today approved Mayor Wu's proposal to extend a free-fare pilot on the 28 bus route to the 29 and 23 routes for the next two years. Read more.

By adamg - 11/29/21 - 12:14 pm
BTD's Vineet Gupta discusses free bus routes

BTD's Vineet Gupta discusses expansion of free bus service in Boston.

Boston city councilors say they support expanding the current free-fare pilot on the 28 bus to the 23 and 29 routes next year but say they also want to know who pays for continuing or even expanding the service once a planned $8-million, two-year pilot runs out. Read more.

By adamg - 11/17/21 - 12:53 pm

Mayor Wu said today she will ask the City Council to spend $8 million in incoming federal funds to eliminate fares on the 23, 28 and 29 bus lines over the next two years.

The 28 is already free to riders through the end of the year under a pilot launched earlier this year by acting Mayor Kim Janey. Read more.

By adamg - 2/15/21 - 3:54 pm
New bus stop going in on Columbus Avenue

One day, that bus will zoom right down the middle of the avenue.

Construction crews have been busy in recent months building new bus stops between Egleston and Jackson squares for dedicated bus lanes and stops that planners say will mean a faster ride to and from Jackson Square and Ruggles on the 22, 29 and 44 bus routes. Read more.

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