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Stephen Lynch

By adamg - 2/3/17 - 11:51 pm

Steve Lynch is no fan of the nascent Trump administration. At a forum at Milton Avenue tonight, the 8th District congressman had some choice words, as highlighted by Molly Lanzarotta:

I've never seen concern like this before.

We have to buy sneakers...there will be a lot more marches.

A fatal mistake is to underestimate how far Bannon and Trump are willing to go.

Trump is good for 2 groups: Goldman Sachs and Russia.

By adamg - 2/1/17 - 8:18 pm

US Rep. Stephen Lynch is hosting a forum Friday night on "Keeping America Safe While Preserving Our Constitutional Rights."

The session, which begins at 7 p.m. at Milton High School, 25 Gile Rd., will be: Read more.

By adamg - 11/12/15 - 11:49 am

US Rep. Stephen Lynch says he's holding a forum in Milton next month on complaints about flight paths south of Logan Airport and the growing number of complaints by residents from the South End to Milton. Read more.

By Douglas Bennett - 5/17/13 - 7:00 am

The Boston Herald reports that U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch and Boston Mayoral Candidate Robert Cappucci, a former Boston School Committee member and police officer, were involved in a car accident yesterday in South Boston.

“I felt the bang and thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ ” Cappucci said. “I looked in the rear-view mirror and I recognized Steve. I thought, ‘That’s unbelievable that he would hit me like that.’ But he probably knew more than I did because I couldn’t see the other cars behind him.”

By Douglas Bennett - 4/10/13 - 7:57 am

Will Steve Lynch enter the contest for Boston Mayor? According to the Boston Herald, many believe that Steve Lynch will enter the Mayoral Contest to replace Tom Menino after the April 30th U.S. Senate Election.

According to Suffolk Construction CEO John Fish and prominent Democratic powerbroker, he seems to think so.

Fish states: “I think he’s going to move to the mayoral campaign. I feel strongly he could represent the city the way it needs to be.”

By Anonymous - 11/8/11 - 1:19 pm

As a resident of Boston for twenty-eight years, I’ve had Stephen Lynch as my representative in Congress for ten. During that time:

By Anonymous - 2/23/11 - 2:54 am

The crowd chanted "They say cut back, We say fight back" before the speakers came to the podium.

Congressman Ed Markey addressed the crowd to remind them what caused the financial crisis (and it wasn't public public sector workers.) Next, Congressman Mike Capuano announced, "I am a cheesehead" to communicate his solidarity with the working people of Wisconsin fighting for the right to bargain collectively for wages, benefits and work conditions. Mike foretold of similar attacks on worker rights by Republicans soon to come in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. He said it was a fight for the middle class.

By Anonymous - 9/6/10 - 12:06 am

D’Alessandro for Democrats; a chance for a new voice
September 6, 2010

read the endorsement here

By Anonymous - 9/3/10 - 5:46 pm


You can have your say about how Stephen Lynch's bad votes hurt our community here: http://www.stephenlynchsbadvotes.com/

By Anonymous - 8/11/10 - 5:20 am

Mac D'Alessandro, running against Stephen Lynch for Congress in Massachusetts' 9th district, addressed a rally on the Boston Common Tuesday, August 10 organized by Boston MoveOn members.

A vote for Mac on September 14 is a vote for a better, more progressive Democrat. Mac is pro-choice, Lynch is not. Lynch voted for the war in Iraq, Mac did not and does not support extending the wars. Mac supported health care reform, Lynch voted against it. They both support Elizabeth Warren to run the consumer protection agency. Let Mac tell you why he's running and what he stands for (video):

By Anonymous - 8/2/10 - 3:52 pm

Host Seth McCoy of the NeedhamChannel interviews Mac D'Alessandro, a Democratic Candidate in the Massachusetts Congressional Race.

By Anonymous - 7/30/10 - 7:38 pm

Mac writes:

...my opponent in the Democratic primary, incumbent Stephen Lynch, voted for the Iraq War and its continued funding, for the Patriot Act and its reauthorization, and against health care reform, and has voted to restrict a woman’s right to choose. more here

Here's a video of Mac D’Alessandro visiting Needham Community Council Thursday

[Ed note: The author of this blog post does not work for Mac D’Alessandro or any campaign.]

By Anonymous - 7/29/10 - 9:17 am

While I welcome President Bill Clinton's interest in the MA-9 race and his willingness to stump and fund raise, I'd ask him and the MA Democratic Party to wait until the people have selected their candidate in the primary before stumping and fund raising - which is to ask the President to respect the will of the people not tilt the field to the incumbent.

We have an important Democratic primary in MA-9 this year. Candidates and campaign volunteers are out canvassing and phone banking for Stephen Lynch, Mac D'Alessandro and Phil Dunkelbarger.

By adamg - 4/18/10 - 2:47 pm

D'AlessandroDavid Bernstein breaks the news that Mac D'Alessandro, policy director for the SEIU in the Northeast, will run against the Ninth District incumbent.

You may recall unions warned Lynch of the consequences if he voted against the health-care reform bill.

Campaign Facebook page.

Also running in the Ninth District this year: independent Phil Dunkelbarger and Republicans Keith Lepor and Vernon Harrison.

By chrismatth - 4/7/10 - 5:15 pm

Harmony Wu, who was considering a run for congress against Steve Lynch after his vote against health care reform last month, has decided not to run. I received the news through a Facebook message from the "Draft Harmony Wu" Facebook group.

So now it's between Steve Lynch and Phil Dunkelbarger in November, it seems.

Harmony's message below the fold.

Dear Friends,

After careful consideration, I have decided not to run in the Democratic primary for the MA 9th Congressional Seat.

By adamg - 3/22/10 - 4:32 pm

Conor Yunits runs the numbers, thinks Southie and disaffected union rank-and-file will still go heavily for Lynch, swamping the lefties of Jamaica Plain:

... If a Wu or Dunkelbarger candidacy is intended just to send Lynch some sort of message that liberals are pissed ... I'm guessing he already knows that. But if liberals actually think they could oust Lynch in the 9th over his health care vote?

By adamg - 3/21/10 - 11:00 pm

Teddy can rest easy tonight.

As expected, Stephen Lynch, D-9th, voted no on the measure (Times map showing all the votes). State Rep. Jeff Perry, R-Sandwich, running to replace Bill Delahunt in the 10th district, wasted no time issuing a press release calling the measure unconstitutional.

By adamg - 3/20/10 - 10:03 am

Draft Harmony Wu - Facebook effort to convince Harmony Wu of Needham, who was an Obama organizer, to run against Lynch. Her supporters are heading into the lion's den today - they're planning to collect signatures between 12:30 and 4 p.m. at the Broadway T stop.

By adamg - 3/19/10 - 4:34 pm

Mike Ball, who calls Lynch a "suddenly unbearable" small embarassment, posts his phone numbers and a Web site on which you can send him a message.

Mike Durant posts a copy of the letter he sent Lynch, who happens to be his representative:

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