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New England Aquarium

By adamg - 8/8/21 - 2:00 pm

Associated Press reports a number of Boston museums are once again requiring visitors to wear masks on their visits.

By adamg - 8/8/21 - 1:25 pm

The New England Aquarium reports its divers rescued an ocean sunfish, also known as a mola mola and, at least in the Boston area, as a baby wheel, Jay, that had gotten trapped behind a construction barrier along the East Boston shore: Read more.

By adamg - 7/7/20 - 1:19 pm

The isabella Stewart Gardner Museum announced it's re-opening to the public on July 15, although, as you might expect, with more limited capacity, a requirement to reserve tickets and the need to wear face masks. Read more.

By adamg - 5/25/19 - 11:55 am

WGBH reports an anaconda at the New England Aquarium gave birth (yes, anacondas give birth) to 18 babies (sadly, most died) despite living its entire life in an enclosure with just three other female snakes.

By adamg - 1/22/19 - 1:42 pm

Associated Press profiles Wilson Menashi, a New England Aquarium volunteer who works with octopuses.

By adamg - 6/22/18 - 9:21 am

The condo association at the Harbor Towers says it plans to sue the state over its recent approval of a city plan to allow developer Don Chiofaro's proposed replacement of the Aquarium garage. Read more.

By adamg - 2/21/18 - 11:44 am

In a letter to the state, the BPDA says it's resolved its long-standing issues with Don Chiofaro and the city is now OK with him replacing the Aquarium garage with a 600-foot tower (yes, just one), as part of a waterfront master plan that would also see new open space at what is now a Long Wharf parking lot and a new deck for the Harborwalk near the Moakley Bridge. Read more.

By adamg - 4/24/17 - 9:50 am

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports how the BPDA and developer Don Chiafaro have figured out how to get around pesky open-space requirements that would otherwise limit the size of his perpetually proposed plan to replace the Aquarium garage with a mega-complex: Buy the IMAX theater and then raze it. Read more.

By adamg - 9/19/16 - 10:30 am

The Globe reports Don Chifaro finally realizes he's just never going to get to replace the Aquarium garage with one of the tallest buildings in the city and so will file plans for something a bit less grand, but more in line with BRA recommendations.

By adamg - 12/1/15 - 10:30 pm

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports BRA Director Brian Golden is saying he can't deal with Don Chiofaro and his proposed towers anymore. In a letter to a waterfront advisory committee, Golden says the BRA and Chiofaro are at an impasse on the size of the towers.

By adamg - 12/10/14 - 7:54 am

H2O - Frozen parody featuring the New England Aquarium

Lauren Mack tours the Aquarium. No penguins, though?

Via Boston Reddit.

By adamg - 11/26/14 - 11:14 pm

You may have heard recently about all the sea turtles getting stranded on Cape beaches. The New England Aquarium, of course, is doing what it can to pick up the turtles and transport them to warmer climes.

By adamg - 10/22/14 - 4:49 pm

A steam pipe in the basement of the New England Aquarium burst around 10 a.m. today, forcing officials to close the attraction for the day and evacuate visitors already inside.

A spokesman reports:

Like many buildings downtown, we use steam for a variety of our utility functions. After a few minutes, it resulted in a power outage as well. With no power, we evacuated the building and notified the fire department as well as the steam company and our electric provider. After about 50 minutes, the steam was turned off and emergency electrical power was restored.

By adamg - 7/13/14 - 7:56 pm

The Patriot Ledger reports a Quincy man caused a bit of a splash in court on Friday when he was arraigned on charges of jumping into the central tank at the New England Aquarium.

"Fortunately the sharks had already been fed," Wark said in an email Sunday

By adamg - 7/5/14 - 10:32 am

All the penguins are accounted for, the New England Aquarium avers.

By adamg - 7/2/12 - 9:41 am

Patty Neal went to the Aquarium yesterday and spotted a seal that appeared to be pining for the fjords:

One of the harbor seals at the NE Aquarium was laying at the bottom of the tank not moving. I don't think he was asleep.

This morning, the Aquarium replied that the seal really was resting:

In molting season the seals slow down and can even grow algae.

By adamg - 2/3/12 - 5:23 pm

It'll be a sea change at the New England Aquarium, where WBZ reports officials are planning a major overhaul of the ocean tank, including a dome, a new reef and new windows all the way down.

By adamg - 1/31/12 - 7:39 am

The New England Aquarium reports how one of its divers helped a New Jersey man propose to his belle in front of the ocean tank.

By adamg - 6/3/11 - 10:05 pm

A Vermont teenager who volunteered at the New England Aquarium is Boston's latest measles patient, the Boston Public Health Commission reports.

The commission says anybody who worked at or visited the aquarium's main building after noon on May 19 or 22 and who isn't sure of their measles immunity status, should stay away from the public until June 9 or June 12, depending on which day. Although measles usually shows up 10 to 12 days after exposure, it can take up to three weeks to develop.

By adamg - 5/5/11 - 1:13 pm

The Globe reports the New England Aquarium is closed today because of a crack near the top of the main tank.

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