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By adamg - 7/17/14 - 10:47 am

The Herald reports how sales of the Pennsylvania beer are tanking in Boston and cites our provincial attitudes as one reason.

First, New Englanders are largely suspicious of outside brands and prefer to support our own.

The Herald calls it the Krispy Kreme Syndrome, implying that we rejected them only because the city with the largest number of historic firsts in the country is resistant to change, not because we realized after awhile that their donuts were, in fact, sugar-coated air, served with mediocre coffee.

By adamg - 5/2/14 - 12:13 pm

The Boston Licensing Board next week considers a deal in which the landlord of the defunct Morton's Steakhouse on Boylston Street would sell its liquor license to Boston Beer Works on Brookline Avenue so that Boston Beer Works can in turn sell its beer and wine license to Mei Mei on Park Drive.


By adamg - 4/25/14 - 9:25 pm

InsideMedford.com reports the discount chain will start offering discount alcoholic beverages - some of it artisanal - at three stores, including the one in Medford.

By adamg - 3/31/14 - 11:28 pm

Petra Raposo asks:

Do you know if anywhere actually has the Game of Thrones Ommegang beer stocked today like they had said?

By adamg - 2/24/14 - 7:35 pm

Mike asks:

Any Yuengling Beer sightings in Boston yet??

By adamg - 2/1/14 - 11:50 am
Spencer Ale

D asks:

Anyone know where I can possibly buy a single bottle of Spencer Trappist Ale in Boston/Brookline?

Photo of single bottle by Chris Borger, who writes: "It's real - and it's good! That beer is sitting on my dining room table. It holds its own against the other Trappist ales. I picked it up at Liquorland. Apparently, they asked for 10 cases, were told they could have 5, and were delivered 2."

By adamg - 1/6/14 - 9:06 pm

Jordan Munson wonders where he can get Rogue Voodoo Doughnut beer in Boston.

By adamg - 12/8/13 - 10:44 pm

Nancy asks:

Anyone aware of any stores in the Boston/Somerville area holding any Heady Topper? Please?

By adamg - 10/18/13 - 9:44 am

Beer Street Journal reports the Saint Joseph Abbey in Spencer is adding a brewery, and its first Trappist offering will be called Spencer:

Spencer is a full-bodied, golden-hued Trappist ale with fruity accents, a dry finish and light hop bitterness.

By adamg - 10/16/13 - 12:58 pm

Banker & Tradesman brings us the hoppy news.

By adamg - 7/22/13 - 9:05 am

Dot Rat introduces us to the Percival Beer Co., which is based in Dorchester and which currently has two products: "A Cape Verdean inspired lager called Kompadre and Dot Ale 1630:"

Dot is saturated with a strong aroma of pride and its residents have a welcoming, but rigid attitude. Come and visit our growing neighborhood and share in the good times with a pint of Dot Ale 1630.

By adamg - 5/30/13 - 12:52 pm

CBS Sports reports.

If only there were a Pittsburgh beer anybody in Boston drinks that we could counter-boycott. Prairie Rose Clayton suggests boycotting Iron City, but Matt O'Connor is not sure Iron City really qualifies as beer.

By adamg - 6/9/12 - 9:13 am

Mark Levy at Cambridge Day noticed that three of the winners in a Boston Magazine "Best New England Craft Beers" article are based in Cambridge and Somerville, so he called them up to talk about local brewing:

There seems to be a lot of Cambridge and Somerville in the package. Is there a reason?

By adamg - 7/29/11 - 12:24 pm

The Herald considers the rumors the celebrichef is about to turn his debt-laden Kingfish Hall into a Belgian sudser, even as he faces a mid-September deadline from the Boston Licensing Board to re-open Olives in Charlestown or risk having its liquor license lifted.

By adamg - 12/13/10 - 7:22 am

Megan McPhilemy takes a trained professional bartender with her on a trek to find the best poured pint, but reports they never made it past Lewis' in Norwood:

Despite a slightly quick pour and no shamrock decor, the taste was impeccable. It was pretty, creamy, refreshing, clean and good for a second round.

As black and white as the beer itself, there are good and bad pours.

"It's incredible" says Gillespie “like drinking a whole different beer."

By Ron Newman - 11/19/10 - 1:01 am

A tiny Cohasset craft brewer received a letter from the FDA essentially shutting down her business. She had been producing Moonshot caffeinated beer since 2004, reports the Quincy Patriot Ledger.

By Ron Newman - 8/14/10 - 9:18 am

While visiting my family in Columbus, we went to an Italian restaurant. The menu lists Samuel Adams under the category 'IMPORTED BEERS'.

(Menu is here. Unfortunately I can't link directly to the Dinner->Beverages->2 page because it's all in Flash.)

By adamg - 10/21/09 - 10:51 am

Jon Chesto reports Pabst has stopped selling the yellow water it called Schlitz in the Boston area and is bringing back the 1960s Schlitz formula that put hair on your daddy's arms. First delivery of the new old brew is 4 p.m. at the the Eire Pub in Dorchester.

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