East Cambridge

By - 11/24/15 - 6:33 pm
Gridlock in Boston

Dutch provides some views of the gridlock on this pre-Thanksgiving Tuesday, such as in East Cambridge.

By - 3/17/15 - 1:47 pm
Angry parking note

Ted Dobbin reports spotting this note yesterday on the remains of a snow mound at 6th and Cambridge streets in East Cambridge. One can only hope it's been there awhile, because to think that it might have just shown up yesterday would be kind of depressing.

By - 3/10/15 - 7:50 pm
Globe Direct being delivered to a burned out house

Garrett Quinn forwards this photo showing that whoever delivers Globe Direct fireplace stuffers in East Cambridge isn't going to let the fact that a building caught on fire and got boarded up stop them from delivering the things every week.

H/t Kevin Franck for the headline.

By - 10/23/14 - 8:05 am

WBUR reports on an actual groundbreaking for the skate park that's been promised for the area along the Charles near the Zakim for what seems like forever now and that the groundbreakers are promising the thing will actually be open in a year.

WBUR also reports how Nancy Schon, the sculptor of the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Public Garden and the tortoise and the hare sculptures in Copley Square, got the whole thing started.

By - 8/26/14 - 9:30 am

Cambridge Police report a man from Braintree tried to take advantage of a woman fixing her bicycle on Cambridge Street last Wednesday night.

According to police, the woman was fixing her bicycle on the side of Cambridge Street between First and Second streets in East Cambridge around 11:20 p.m. when Andrew Ma, 39, pulled up in a black SUV stopped and asked if she needed any help. Police say she replied no and began walking away with her bike:

By - 2/12/13 - 9:26 am

Plasma space saver

Neal Doyle reports somebody in East Cambridge apparently had a spare plasma TV to use as a space saver this morning.

By - 1/12/12 - 8:42 am

Cambridge Day reports some developers are actually interested in the decaying Middlesex County courthouse and jail, and that state officials will not require anybody who actually buys the thing to lop off more than half the floors, as demanded by some nearby residents. Whoever buys the structure will have to come up with a plan to remove asbestos; residents worry a developer would come in, start work, then stop work and leave them with something like the Filene's Hole across the river, only taller.

By - 4/5/09 - 9:04 am

Mark Jaquith reports that the Beal Companies have withdrawn their application to build a 10-story research building just 50 feet from some homes.

'Imagine having a building the size of Holyoke Center in your back yard'.

By - 3/10/09 - 8:45 am

The Crimson reports some East Cambridge residents are not taking kindly to the idea of having a 10-story research building built 50 feet from their property lines.

By - 1/29/08 - 12:20 pm

There seem to be some people spoiling for a fight at Cambridge and Fifth streets in East Cambridge.

By - 10/26/06 - 8:46 am

Inahandbasket isn't going into work today because a transformer blew in East Cambridge around 8 last night.

Also good to know: Geeks sometimes refer to Kendall Square as K^2.